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MCS Software: the ideal partner for the creation of application software in an Autodesk environment focused on BIM and the dynamic calculation of Revit, Civil 3D and AutoCAD projects directly in PriMus by ACCA Software and Microsoft Office Suite

MCS Software,

since its inception, it has always been dedicated to the development of software aimed at solving specific customer problems exclusively in the Autodesk graphics sector.

The main specialization of MCS is related to the field of technical drawing CAD e BIM and in the context of programming, MCS has specialized in the development of routines or customizations related to CAD, BIM technologies and methodologies in Revit and computer graphics and is available in evaluating with customers any type of project that involves the development of ad hoc software in Autodesk graphics

Since 1993 MCS has been ADN – Autodesk Developer Network certified

Thanks to its specific skills related to the world of CAD design and computer graphics, MCS Software has entered into collaboration agreements for the development of applications with the world’s largest manufacturer of CAD software: Autodesk and with the largest Italian manufacturer of construction software. and the calculation: ACCA Software. These collaborations allowed MCS to develop the “ArchVISION RP, CP and AP” and “AbaCus” applications

Since 2006 MCS Software has developed skills in software development in Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D by creating a specific application operating in the Aqueducts (Water and sewage networks) area called ArIeTe x GIS, (from which arises the ArIeTe x BIM application available for Revit).

Being a very specific and specialized application on this site, it is not mentioned so, for more information, please write to us at: info@mcs-software.it

Who we are

MCS started its business in 1993 with the first consultancies mainly focused on helping the first pioneers of the nascent CAD era in the delicate initial phase of startup and approach to AutoCAD we ‘worked’ with AutoCAD 12 DOS, version that had a great success), at that time and over a few years most of the drafting machines were abandoned passing and using, for many forcibly and with many prejudices and perplexities, very slow personal computers and the first CAD poor in functions, not very performing, definitely ‘cumbersome and difficult’ to use.

It was a period without network, without cell phones and remote assistance and obviously no Wi-Fi, sometimes it could happen to travel kilometers to ‘rescue’ a friend, an acquaintance or a customer stuck in the then really ‘critical’ phase of the press, at the beginning. real critical point of the entire CAD process, the first pen plotters really make you smile when compared with today’s technologies..

MCS Software is increasingly specializing in training, consulting and development of the first applications in the AutoLISP language and at the end of the 90s it acquires the Autodesk ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) certification issued to specialized companies focused on the development of Autodesk applications.

In 2000 MCS Software grows and evolves into S.r.l. realizing some commercial applications and available in the price list, the most important had the name of ‘EDIL 1’ and was soon marketed by the ArTeN company of Ferrara and distributed by the former ‘Channel’ then Milanese IT distributor, it was the 2000s, soon MCS activated a new office in Turin, with an increase in installed licenses, extended to the whole national territory and with the expansion of the range of products that has seen in 2001 the release of four distinct CAD proposals, called ArchVISION and available in the most varied configurations and solutions, aimed at the AEC world and compatible with AutoCAD, AutoCAD Lt, Architectural Desktop and Revit.

In that period and for some years the company TechData, which has always been the Italian distributor of Autodesk products, distributed the “Tools ADT of MCS Software” in bundle with Architectural Desktop, which represented a localization and specialization of the product with specific functions for the needs of professionals Italians, such as quotations, aero illuminating ratios, calculations, etc., etc., all functions of which the Autodesk product conceived abroad was ‘orphan’

Starting in autumn 2004 MCS Software started a in-depth collaboration with ACCA Software S.p.a., the Italian leader in building software, which has evolved into a programmatic agreement linking the two companies in a lasting way; the first fruit of this agreement is what the whole technical world has been waiting for for some time, It was 2004 and a program was finally available that could truly integrate design and computation through the synergy of two industry leaders such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture and / or Revit Architecture and the Italian leader in computation: PriMus. All the products of the “ArchVISION” range have evolved and were made available until 2012 in the software series proposed by ACCA Software S.p.a. under the name of Rapidus. (AutoRapidus, ReviRapidus, ArchiRapidus e TecniRapidus)

MCS Software makes the ArchVISION RP product (formerly ReviRapidus) available again, thus ensuring continuity of development, assistance and integration between the two products over the years. (Revit e PriMus)

In the name of continuity and reliability, ArchVISION RP has now reached release 19

The range of products grows and at the end of 2015 MCS Software makes available AbaCus, a solution dedicated to the ‘conversion’ of Abachi in Autodesk Revit directly in ACCA Software’s PriMus.

In summer 2017 MCS created and activated a new web portal dedicated to its BIM applications and available at: https://bim.mcs-software.it

On 12 October 2017 MCS Software releases ArIeTe (Computer and Technical Archives)a third product always specific for the BIM application context created to manage the archiving of attachments in Revit projects on a database and compatible with any IFC viewer.

On 19 and 20 October MCS Software participates in the DIGITAL BIM Italia event in Bologna, presenting itself to customers with its own exhibition stand.

From May 2018 MCS Software releases ArchVISION RP 19 a real new version of the product which in the sign of continuity represents a new ‘Plug-in of reference in the context of BIM computing in Italy’.

On the company website, also in May 2018, a module dedicated to remote assistance is made available in order to better assist its customers.

In June 2018MCS Software becomes member and partner of ASSOBIM

On 10 October ArchVISION RP 19.1and ArchVISION RP 19.1 (Pro) are released, a specific extension for computational needs organized on multilevel WBS structures.

OnOctober 18th MCS participates in Digital BIM Italy in collaboration with ASSOBIM

On November 20 ArchVISION RP 19.2 and the new ArchVISION RP 19.2 (MEP) are released, a further extension and specialization of the software that extends its potential in the field of ‘Systems and Plants’ by improving the computation of MEP elements allowing filtered processing by diameters and sections of the computed elements.

In March 2019 MCS participates in Made Expo – Milan at the ASSOBIM area

In May 2019 MCS Software announces and makes available two new ‘variants’ of ArchVISION RP, extending its modus operandi also with Civil 3D giving life to the ArchVISION CP application (Civil 3D – PriMus) and by means of the new ArchVISION AP (AutoCAD – PriMus) to AutoCAD users

Also in May, MCS makes all its 5 products operational in version 20, extending their compatibility with the Autodesk family of related products in the 2020 release

On 21 and 22 November MCS cannot miss the reference appointment of the BIM context by participating in DIGITIAL & BIM Italia at Bologna fiere presenting itself in a new graphic layout with new logos and new solutions

On April 16, 2020 MCS Software announces and makes available ArchVISION RP 21 compatible with Revit from the 2017 version until the new 2021, a consolidated product, performing and full of interesting and useful news, at the same time updates its price list and proposes as an alternative to traditional licenses and perpetue (Maintenance) also the new rental modality (Subscription) a very versatile, modern and scalable Cloud technology, allowing Smart Working and where necessary the shared use of concurrent licenses that can be used simultaneously for studios, companies but also professionals.

Also in April 2020 the company brochure is updated with a new PDF version, an 8-page document in which the proposal of the software solutions in the price list is best illustrated and the company skills, such as development, training, assistance and customer support, are illustrated.

In September 2020 MCS Software announces and releases ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT 21, the specific application dedicated to the dynamic and direct calculation Revit – Office (MS Excel and MS Word) produced internationally distributed by the company Anafyo.

For years now ArchVISION has stood out as an ideal plug-in for integrated and dynamic computation in Autodesk Revit and still today MCS Software, with a wide product portfolio that also includes ArIeTe and AbaCus software, offers itself to customers as an ideal partner in the BIM field. , also in terms of training, consulting and the development of custom and customized solutions.

We conclude this brief presentation by pointing out the availability of MCS Software products also on the Autodesk App Store, as a guarantee of the quality and reliability of its solutions, severely tested and certified by Autodesk.

Our skills

Development of customized CAD and BIM applications – 26%
Development of commercial BIM applications and also on price lists – 22%
Training in CAD and BIM (Revit) – 42%
Support to all customers and direct or remote assistance – 6%
Rendering services and dynamic simulations of civil and railway infrastructures – 4%
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  • AbaCus_Trasparente
  • ArIeTe_Trasparente

MCS Software in brief

In the remote past, speaking in computer science (it was 1992), an individual IT consulting firm was born in Borgaro Torinese: Claudio Mussa’s MCS Video & Grafica. EDIL 1 was born from the desire to analyze the architectural project using three-dimensional visualizations: simple Spartan blocks developed in Autodesk AutoCAD 12 Dos.

More than 28 years have passed!, certainly not a few, an eternity for the computer world; the result was unimaginable for one of the developer companies who first believed in a product and in a sales strategy that was then successful. The positive trend of Autodesk has therefore involved, but it would be more correct to say upset the MCS which, seizing the opportunity for growth over all these years, has always been constantly updated.

MCS Software is an Autodesk Developer Network certified company

MCS Software products in the price list


with modules (Pro-MEP)
Revit – PriMus


ArchVISION RP (Pro) and (MEP)

ArchVISION RP represents the ideal solution proposed by MCS Software for the dynamic calculation between PriMus by ACCA Software e Revit by Autodesk, compatible with the Architecture, Structure and MEP disciplines. ArchVISION RP activates the direct bidirectional and dynamic dialogue between applications, no intermediate export and no IFC file with very short reliability and timeframe for compiling the calculations, the extension (Pro) manages and is compatible with multilevel WBS structures extension (MEP) allows computations on plants filtered according to the size of the elements

Revit – Office (Excel and Word)



ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT represents the ideal solution of MCS Software for the dynamic and direct calculation between the Microsoft Excel or Word and Autodesk Revit, compatible with the Architecture, Structure and MEP disciplines. ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT activates the direct bidirectional and dynamic dialogue between applications, no intermediate export and no IFC file with very high reliability and very low timeframe for compiling the calculations, includes specific functions for manage computations inclusive of WBS and MEP elements filtered and calculated according to their size

MCS Software customers

(list that includes some customers mentioned upon their explicit authorization and whom we thank)

Some of their statements

“Good evening, I tried the program and I’m thrilled! I would like to proceed with the purchase of ArchVISION RP basic module + MEP can you send me the instructions to proceed with the payment and activation ?, greetings, thanks to you soon Davide G. … “

“Dear Guido A. Thanks for the purchase, no thanks to you for allowing us to try ArchVISION RP by improving our way of compiling calculations in PriMus starting from our Revit projects …”

“Simply thank you for creating the ArchVISION RP application, Massimiliano T”

“Your product is fundamental for me and really well done, so updating is a must, Davide B.”

We mention some interesting initiatives in the BIM context reported to us by our customers

We would like to point out a second interesting initiative from our client Fabrica (Spice)

From this link you can get more information

Within this event on 29 May, starting at 10 am, a specific workshop on the new will be held ArchVISION RP 21 used in an MEP context

Dear customers, if you are organizing masters, meetings, seminars, round tables or activities of any kind aimed at disseminating the BIM methodology, write to us and let us know, we will be happy to make us your spokesperson and mention them in this space.

Autodesk App Store

As a synonym for quality and reliability all MCS Software products are published and also available on Autodesk App Store

All Auodesk products are also available on the Autodesk App Store


(thesis presented with the explicit authorization of the respective authors whom we thank)

N. Carrino

Nunzia ing. Carrino
“Implementation of Cost Control and Construction Management activities through BIM methodologies”
Rel.: Prof. Arch. Alberto Pavan.
Polytechnic of Milano
School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering Master’s Degree in Building Systems Engineering (2018/2019)
Case study:
Metric calculation and BIM adopted in the Richard towers (Milan)
We talk about ArchVISION RP starting from page. 71 (Chap 4.4) of the document (page 80 of the PDF)

View the thesis in PDF format

A. Shahin

Shahin ing. Amayed
“BIM for metric calculation”
Rel. Osello dott. ssa Anna
Polytechnic of Turin
Master’s degree program in Building Engineering, 2018
Case Study:
Metro station (Geodata Engineering – Turin)
We talk about ArchVISION RP starting from page 31

View the thesis in PDF format

G. Regano

Regano ing. Joseph
“BIM to BEM interoperability for the energy efficiency of public buildings”
Rel. Osello dr. Anna, Ugliotti dott. Francesca Maria.
Polytechnic of Turin
Master’s degree program in Building Engineering, 2018
Case Study:
Efficiency of a school building (Municipality of Turin)
We talk about ArchVISION RP starting from page 102

View the thesis in PDF format
Are you a student ?, did you mention MCS Software in your thesis ?, contact us and tell us about it, we will be proud to exhibit and publish it on our website …


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    This module will allow MCS Software staff to assist and support you promptly and free of charge in your daily work and to present the software products in absolute comfort directly from your desk.

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    This is a free service but we kindly ask you to agree in advance the assistance and presentations with MCS Software at n ° (+39) 011 – 450.04.32

    MCS Software Resellers and Consultants

    Initiatives and events organized by retailers

    The EUREKA retailer (Palermo) has organized a MASTER BIM (module 4) in which on the dates of Monday 11 January, Tuesday 12 January and Friday 15 January 2021 starting at 3:00 PM the use of ArchVISION RP will be exposed, illustrated and explained 21 with Revit and PriMus

    For more information you can write to us

    The NKE dealer on Thursday 10 December 2020 during his “BIM Conference 2020” and with the collaboration of the arch. Romaniello director and BIM Manager of BIMake (CH) presented two testimonies and real Italian cases relating to the dynamic and direct calculation Revit – PriMus filtered in multi-level WBS structures with the name:

    Dynamic Computation with WBS structuring from Revit to PriMus with ArchVISION RP 21

    For more information you can write to us

    The dealer Descor (Rome) on Friday 17 April 2020 organized a training webinar in which the new release 21 was presented in absolute preview

    Automate the “Metric calculation” in BIM with the new ArchVISION RP 21

    Dynamic metric calculations through direct dialogue between Revit and PriMus without resorting to exports to IFC files or intermediate formats

    For more information you can write to us

    On Monday 11 November 2019 a specific classroom training day on ArchVISION RP 20.1 took place at our reseller’s headquarters Eureka (Palermo)

    ArchVISION CP 20.0 – Webinar organized by our reseller “ONE TEAM” (Milan) in the month of July 2019

    ArchVISION CP: the BIM-CAD solution for the Civil 3D-PriMus dynamic calculation

    To view the video (private) send us an e-mail via this link

    MCS Software is an ASSOBIM member

    ASSOBIM is the association formed by companies, firms, studios and professionals who want to contribute to the dissemination of

    BIM Building Information Modeling and being a spokesperson for the needs and requirements of the entire “technological” BIM supply chain.

    MCS Software embraces the initiative and in June 2018 becomes member and partner ASSOBIM

    MCS Software is an AssoBIM member

    MCS Software and the electronic market for PA

    Are you interested in purchasing ArchVISION RP for the PA entity you represent?

    Search for “ArchVISION RP” on the electronic market at CONSIP – Acquisti In Rete PA (Consip) you will find all the solutions available, ready and already codified for you.

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