The software for dynamic and direct calculation Revit <-> Office (Excel/Word)

ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT 23.1, available from April 26, 2022, represents the application product and the MCS Software solution designed for the dynamic calculation in Excel and Word (Microsoft) of projects made in Revit (Autodesk) in the Architecture, Structure and MEP disciplines. (also with English and Spanish Revit) and also includes specific features for computational needs including multi-level WBS structures. (Work Breakdown Structure) and for the calculation of MEP implants as a function of the diameters and sections of each single linear element.

Product available and usable also with user interface in Italian, English, Spanish, French and German

ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT 23.1 implements the management technology of ‘Cloud Licensing‘, you will be able to install the software on multiple workstations and without any limit, in the company, on desktop PCs, laptops, with third party and off-site collaborators, region or country, the software will independently manage the accesses according to the licenses actually purchased or rented, so you can work wherever you are with modern, simple and versatile management of rented or purchased licenses.


  • Microsoft Windows Italian, English, German and Spanish 64 Bit (Ver. 11, 10, 8.1 and 7)

  • Autodesk Revit Italian, English, German and Spanish also in the single Architecture, Structure and MEP disciplines (Ver. 2023, 22, 21, 20, 19 and 18)

  • Microsoft Office in Excel and Word applications (Ver. 365, 2019, 16, 13, 10 and 2007) in Italian, English, Spanish, French and German languages


The free evaluation version has a duration of 10 days and calculates the first 60 selected entities (upon specific request and shared need, the period can be extended to 30 days and the quantity can be extended up to a maximum of 99 computable entities)

Telephone, remote or e-mail assistance is free and available for all customers with the latest perpetual version, for all rental licenses and for all free evaluation versions

ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT is compatible with any Autodesk Suite or AEC Collection in which Revit is included in one or all of its variants. (disciplines)

It does not work with Revit LT

To try ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT 23.1 for free, please fill out and send the form in the section following the YouTube videos

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    EDUCATIONAL version


    Price list and promotions in effect from 09 04 2022

    Important premise regarding the current price list and the various licenses available:

    All licenses, regardless of whether they are included in a rental plan (SubScription program) o purchased in a traditional and perpetual way (Maintenance) during their activation offer, at the operator’s discretion, the choice between two different validation technologies, MCS recommends the use of license in the Cloud modern, versatile, modular and sharable license in multiple workstations, alternatively only one unique authorization code is issued, traditional technology not recommended because it is obsolete and refers to the hardware in use.

    The licenses included in a rental plan (SubScription program) include all updates released by MCS, including releases, eg. 23, 24 and 25 and will be renewable upon their expiry following the new Autodesk philosophy.

    MCS makes the purchaseof licenses of its perpetual and traditional products (Maintenance) still available in the price list. They do not include release updates but only any service packs of the same version, eg. 23.1, 23.2 etc, and have no deadlines.

    All licenses, regardless of the technology and type chosen, include, at no additional cost and during office hours, telephone, e-mail and remote assistance

    For more commercial information you can write to:

    Rental licenses (Subscription)

    Amounts in €euros excluding VAT (each)

    997 Annual

    547 Half yearly

    297 Quarterly (*)

    2697 Triennial

    Traditional perpetual licenses (Maintenance)

    Amounts in € uro excluding VAT

    1397 (1st license)

    1197 (2nd additional license)

    997 (3rd additional license)

    797 (4th additional license)

    797 (further additional licenses)

    Autodesk App Store

    As a synonym of quality and reliability ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT is published and also available on the Autodesk App Store

    ArchVISION RP is also available on the Autodesk App Store

    Update history and index of video guides on YouTube (if any)

    ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT 23.1 – Details of all the improvements available in the updated version on 26 04 2022

    Extended compatibility with Revit 2023

    This video shows and illustrates all the new features available in version 23.1

    The management of “Materials in all its aspects” and on “All Revit entities” (blue staves) has been extended and significantly improved, equaling the versatility and modus-operandi always available for configured measurements and referring to the primitives of the entities to be configured and compute (yellow lines).

    Basically from this version it will be indifferent to configure the computation criteria in any mode, even hybrid (yellow lines together with blue lines) and they can be configured in the same way, working on the materials you can compute the “Volume”, “Area” parameters and “Thickness” of each layer, with the paints it is possible to calculate capitals, barrel and cross vaults and all the loadable families containing all materials and paints.

    The most important innovations involving the context of the materials are the following:

    • Management extended to all materials, layers and paints calculated punctually by single “Instance”, by “Family” or at “Global” level.
    • The management of the WBS and of the multilevel categorization has also been extended to materials.
    • The categorization(SuperCategories, Categories and SubCategories of PriMus) has also been extended on materials.
    • The management of conditional instructions “C” has also been extended to materials.
    • The management of Instance and Type “P”parameters has also been extended to materials.
    • Labeling extended to the materials in each single layer, paint material with numbering (Id Mat) that can be reported in the calculation.
    • It is now possible in the presence of an assignment already configured to a material to replace it with another material.
    • It is now possible to remove a single association made to a material by instance, by family or by global.
    • New “Associate Materials” dialog box, it is now possible to have a complete management of global materials even without anything selected.
    • Computation of two or more divided surfaces (Divide Surface) painted (Paint) with different materials both for “Material on Instance” and as “Global Material”.
    • Automatically load all the labels needed to label the configured entities “including Materials
    • 20 parameters of type” and “20 parameters per Material” are now available and can be labeled
    • In the measurement dialog, placing the name of the original Revit material on a blue line referring to a material in the “Tooltips” of the grid will be displayed.

    Increased productivity of the “Measurements” dialog and new features available in this version:

    It is now possible to switch from one measurement by “Family” or by “Instance” to another entity without having to exit the measurement dialog and you can remain in editing with cyclical selections and configurations.

    New “Preview” button available in the measurements dialog for “Family” or “Instance” which allows you to perform a temporary calculation representing a preview of the calculation of the entity in configuration.

    The possibility of introducing a generic, shared and common description reported in the calculation as the first line mentioned before the remaining single measurements has been implemented.

    Improved the management of automatic deductions, in the options dialog it is now possible to configure the minimum values of the surfaces of the windows, doors and walls to be evaluated and taken into consideration

    Still in the context of automatic deductions, in the measurements dialog with the “Walls” category active, it is possible to deactivate it for each individual measurement, excluding it from the deductions.

    In the “Measurements archive (all)” dialog it is now possible to edit, modify and delete measurements even with the choice of the full list active on “All

    By changing a line in the “Measurements” dialog, whatever the quantity of measurements listed and whatever their order, even if modified by the operator, when saving or exiting, the highlighted line is repositioned on the grid always on the last edited rate.

    Drag & Drop reliability has been improved and it is now possible, while dragging and pressing the “Control Key” at the same time, the complete replacement of the existing configurations both at the single measurement level or alternatively also all the measurements belonging to the same formula and therefore potentially shared with other measurements.

    By starting the “Measurements by Instance” or “Measurements by family” dialog and if nothing is selected, the software now allows the selection of the entity to be configured.

    Added the possibility in the “article field” to be able to take the value of an instance or type parameter (“P”) of the entity being computed

    Having added the availability and management of the parameter “@Int ()” to be able to generate calculations with integer values (eg number of brackets along a pipe), formulas with, for example, the following syntax will be manageable: @Int(@SumC($Lung$)) = Integer value of a sum of several lengths

    The ‘@SumC’, ‘@SumE’, ‘@Int’ and ‘@Sqrt’ parameters are no longer ‘case sensitive’and can now be written in both upper and lower case.

    Other useful and interesting news available in this version:

    By starting the computation and if there is nothing selected, it is now possible to select in addition to the entire project or only the entities present in the active view, also the entities in a rectangular operator selection window or a single entity to be calculated.

    Compatibility extension also with Revit in German

    Improved quality and syntax verification of configured formulas

    During the generation of the calculations and in the presence of unsolvable formulas, the message has been improved with some clarifying examples of formulas having the correct syntax

    In the ordering criteria of the calculations, the grouping by “Shared common text“, “Progressive measurement” and “Article” is now also available, the latter originally intended only for the organization of prints.

    The installation procedure now has, if the application is already installed, its simple “Update” or “Restore

    On 06 September 2021 MCS makes available “ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT 22.0 – Build 20210906”

    For the details of all the improvements in this update, kindly refer to this PDF dedicated to them.

    On April 9, 2021 MCS makes available “ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT 22.0”

    Extended Revit compatibility

    ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT release 22 makes the application compatible also with the new version of Autodesk Revit 2022 (starting from version 2018)

    Measurements dialog

    Aggiunta una nuova funzione specifica per la “Stampa” del dialogo misurazioni (Istanza, Famiglia e Archivio)


    Aggiunta la disponibilità di una opzione, durante la configurazione dei computi, che consentirà di poter citare nella descrizione di ciascuna misurazione il valore del parametro Revit GUID IFC.

    Include altre migliorie minori

    On 22 September 2020 MCS makes available “ArchVISION OFFICE for REVIT 21.0”

    List of the most important features

    Management of “Cloud Licenses” ideal for “smart working” applications

    Modern and versatile way of managing “Cloud Licenses” configurable over time, quantity and use of multiple concurrent licenses with extreme flexibility, allowing the use of the product on multiple workstations in an unlimited number and simultaneously until the licenses actually rented are reached even off-site.

    Possibility at the discretion of the customer to choose the type of license to be used in the two available modes, in (Subscription) with quarterly, half-yearly, annual or three-year rental plans or in traditional and perpetual mode (Maintenance).

    “Close ArchVISION” function required to remain operational in Revit by freeing the license and making it available to other colleagues if necessary.


    Management of 75 categories of Revit entities, both Architectural and Plant engineering but also structural

    REVIT FIND, feature that allows the selection and highlighting in Revit of the entities selected in Excel or Word.

    Quick Compute function that will allow the update of the last configured and generated computation with a click.

    Management of calculations containing “WBS” structures and encodings

    Categorization of computed elements on three distinct codes and levels such as “SuperCategories”, “Categories” and “SubCategories”

    Ability to work in “Worksharing” and in work teams by sharing the measurement criteria and files used by the software

    Gestione delle “Fasi” di costruzioni e di demolizione e “Rilevamento automatico dei livelli” in cui giacciono le entità Revit

    Automatic deduction” and optional for doors and windows (empty for full)

    Precise and punctual calculation of the “Elements of MEP systems” according to their size, for the same family

    Measurements dialog

    Drag & Drop” of one or more EP entries directly from one or more documents from Microsoft Exceland Microsoft Word.

    Management and detection of Instance and Type parameters of computed instances, also global and customized

    Management of “Nested Families”, “Groups”, “Automatic deductions of Doors and Windows”, “Surfaces”, “Excavations and fillings”, “Platforms”, “Paints”, “Insulations and coatings”

    Management of the filtered calculation according to size of individual instance sprocessed

    Visualization management

    Function hide / showentities with associated Ep entries to easily view entities not yet associated with price lists.

    Entity labeling in annotation views for useful and complete prints for drawing / calculation comparisons.

    Software internationalization

    Completa parametrizzazione dell’interfaccia utente disponibile in Italiano, Inglese, Spagnolo, Francese e Tedesco

    Compatibilità con Excel e Word in Italiano, Inglese, Spagnolo, Francese e Tedesco .

    Compatible with Revit in Italian, English and Spanish.